Fewzion scheduling software helps create organised, engaged and productive work forces.

Fewzion makes it quick for planners to build a well thought out plan, simple for supervisors and crews to be involved in the plan and to get the plan done and easy for managers to understand and improve performance. Fewzion’s work management software is easy to use so it actually gets used by the people that need it at the coal face. Fewzion helps people manage work at all levels of the operation. (click to see how fewzion works)

Simple work and planning

Resource scheduling

To plan a shift you need to know who’s going to be at work each shift. If you’re sick to death of the spreadsheets and forms necessary for workforce scheduling then our resource scheduling software tools could be just what you need. Our workforce scheduling software tools are designed to save your leaders a huge amount of time and ensure they stay on top of the time and attendance of their people, best of all it’s easy to use, quick to set up and simple for everyone.  Find out more here.

Equipment scheduling

Our complete equipment management schedule enables you to see what equipment is available, which process it is assigned to and when it is due for it’s next service. If necessary, equipment can be lent to another process for a shift or longer. Find out more here. 

Integrated roster tool

Adapt plans for change

Fewzion provides two screens on its online shift schedule for adapting the plan before the crew goes to work. Firstly the 24/48 hour schedule is used in daily planning meetings to ensure everything is organised before the crews attempt to execute the plan. Secondly the shift schedule enables shift supervisors to adapt the plan for the realities they find out about when they get to work, either through a handover or through their shift manager. Fewzion’s shift schedule screen puts part of the responsibility for a good shift plan in the hands of the crew that will be responsible for delivering on the plan. This makes the operation more responsive, improves ownership of the plan and removes many of the excuses for not following a plan. Find out more here. 


Shift managers and supervisors can adapt their plan for the current reality then print it or use a tablet (including attachments such as work orders and tool box talks) to communicate and execute with their crew during the shiftAccountability for results

Record and display actual results

Whether it’s with a printed shift plan or with our Tablet App, shift supervisors can have the most up to date plan in their hands and perform regular followups with their crew to ensure the plan is being done , sometimes called Short Interval Control. At the end of shift supervisors are asked to enter their “actuals” data into touch screens that replace the “visual factory”in Lean. Fewzion helps create visibility of progress and accountability for results without all the whiteboards and spreadsheets. Accountability for results.

Daily review of performance against plan

We gather up the data and provide management with daily and weekly operating reports about production and KPI performance for use in review meetings. Management can also receive reports on system usage to help identify and address issues with the behaviours they expect with the system.
Integrated roster tool

Great for consultants

Fewzion scheduling software works in beautifully with systems such as Lean, Six Sigma, Management Operating Systems (MOS), Total Quality Management (TQM) and the Theory of Constraints to make business improvement teams’ and consultants’ lives easier. Click here to enquire about our reseller program for consultants.

Easy to start and sustain

If your team is like others we’ve worked with, they will find it easier to use Fewzion for their work scheduling and management than it is to continue using their current tools (and they will never want to go back). Because Fewzion can be used completely online and through the cloud you can have Fewzion installed and going in days. Fewzion is used in environments where computer skills can be weak and opportunities for training can be limited. So Fewzion is extremely easy to use by frontline leaders. Powerfully Simple .

Fewzion helps create organised, engaged and productive work forces.

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