Fewzion Management system is an enterprise quality cloud software

Fewzion system requirements

Fewzion runs in your web browser so there’s nothing to install, being browser based it also works on modern phones and tablets.

Supported browsers
Fewzion runs on any of the following browsers, however we recommend you use Google Chrome if you can as it’s the fastest browser around.
JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled.
• Google Chrome 10+
• Firefox 3.6+ (PC, Mac)
• Internet Explorer 8+
• Safari 4+
• Opera 11+ (PC, Mac)

Operating system
Fewzion is accessed through a web browser, so it can be accessed from any current Windows, Mac or Linux based computer with the browsers listed above.

A PDF document reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print Fewzion’s reports, unless you are using Google Chrome which has built-in support for PDF documents.

Screen resolution
Screens in our management system are designed to make the most of your browser’s window size. However your user experience in Fewzion will be enhanced by an increased screen resolution. Fewzion’s minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels, however a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels will provide the optimum user experience.

Hardware (your computer)
We recommend a computer with 2 or more cores and 500 Mb of available RAM for the optimum user experience.

Thanks to the capabilities of modern browsers Fewzion management system has only a small network footprint which enables it to be responsive through an average broadband internet connection (e.g. ADSL 1, 3G, ISDN, etc.).

Other important factors are network latency and reliability, in the event that you don’t have access to a reliable high speed broadband connection, Fewzion can be installed within your local area network.

Raven DB

RavenDB is a transactional, 2nd generation Document Database written in .NET, offering a flexible data model designed to address requirements of modern, real-world systems.

Data in RavenDB is stored schema-less as JSON documents, and can be queried efficiently using Linq queries. RavenDB is built for web-scale, and offers replication, sharding, versioning, compression, and many other advanced features out-of-the-box.

We chose RavenDB because it plays really well with a .Net application like Fewzion, resulting in a faster and easier application to implement, deploy and scale, for a fraction of the cost.

BI Analysis and Reporting
While many reporting solutions nowadays are capable of querying web services (RESTful, OData, SOAP, etc.), SQL remains the most widely used mechanism for retrieving data for reporting purposes. To this end Fewzion offers BI Point, which provides zero configuration, read only access to a SQL Server database, containing a carefully selected set of tables for reporting purposes. Replication to the tables is done in real time so for all intended purposes it equivalent to having direct access to Fewzion’s database, however BI Point offers significant benefits over traditional direct database access:

Choice – BI Point supports all major database servers

Performance – While Fewzion commissions and manages a zero configuration cloud hosted SQL server database, the client also has the option to host their own database, which BI Point can synchronise schema and data to

Scalability – The database maintained by BI Point may be hosted by the client and hence located within their intranet, and hence improving bandwidth and latency between the client’s database and the reporting system

Reporting Schema – The database schema has be optimised for reporting purposes such that fewer query loins are necessary than one would come to expect in a normalized relational database. The schema also defines numerous indexes to cater for the likely queries to be performed against the database

Table Versioning – BI Point is able to maintain multiple versions of tables such that the schema can continue to evolve with Fewzion, while maintaining backward compatibility and giving users a reasonable time to update their own reporting systems

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