Fewzion, the perfect tool for innovative operational consultants

Two heads are almost always better than one so we decided to make it easy for innovative consultants to use Fewzion instead of building yet another spreadsheet, whiteboard or piece of paper for their customers.

Often during a project the need arises to help a team develop their plan, give it to supervisors and hold the team accountable for results. We believe Fewzion is the perfect tool for this and we want to help you use it.

Fewzion is extremely easy to use and you don’t need to be highly technical for us to help you set up a system. End users from frontline leaders to the general manager always find Fewzion easier to use than the whiteboards, paper and spreadsheets it replaces. This means you get a better system up and running more quickly and far less push back from users. Consultants tell us that Fewzion has enabled them to spend more time adding value by coaching for the required mindsets and behaviours and less time tweaking their tools so results are delivered faster. Watch the video to see how it works.

For a limited time we are offering a commission for consultants who use Fewzion on a project and inviting independent operations consultants to use Fewzion as part of their practice so that they can take advantage of Fewzion’s power and simplicity. Our job is to stick with the software and let you do the consulting so you won’t find us “cutting your lunch” but we do have some great “how to use Fewzion” training modules that you can use when you need them.

Enroll now and we will give you a call to discuss how it could work for you and perhaps help you quickly set up a world class work management system for your customers.

Frontline Planning and Scheduling for Mutually Beneficial Supervisors

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