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Fewzion’s management system makes it quick for planners to build a well thought out plan, simple for supervisors and crew to get the plan done and easy for managers to understand and improve performance. Fewzion’s work management solutions are designed to be far easier and more intuitive than the paper, whiteboards and spreadsheets it replaces which means our management system actually gets used by the people that need it at the coal face. Fewzion helps people manage work at all levels of the operation.

Fewzion’s management system has four key functions that combine to create an effective continuous improvement “management system” sometimes known as the Plan, Do, Check, Adapt continuous improvement cycle.

1. Cross functional shift planning – all performance improvement work starts with a good plan. Fewzion management system helps by making it easy to develop a resource balanced and cross functional plan that schedules work to achieve your targets within the constraints of your roster and equipment plan.

2. Adapting plans for change – with everything that goes on in operations weekly plans can become out of date very quickly. To address this plans need to be adapted for current conditions before the shift starts. Fewzion makes this possible with dynamic drag and drop screens that show you whether the plan is possible and help you fix it if it isn’t.

3. Make shift performance visible – making the progress of the team visible helps to improve accountability on site and helps planners stay on top of the work that is getting done. This is much easier when the tool you want them to use is visual and simple. Fewzion’s “actuals” touch screen and tablet app makes it easy for front line leaders to close out their shift and for managers to see who to follow up with.

4. Variance reporting for continuous improvement – process teams and management need to know how the operation is tracking against plan to identify problems and develop solutions. Fewzion’s daily and weekly reports make this easy.

Fewzion’s work management solution also has enterprise quality admin functions that make it easy to add users, permissions, processes, KPIs and targets without having to ask the IT department for help.

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