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Fewzion offers a suite of world class operational management tools that are easy for the engineers and managers that plan the work and simple for the supervisors and crew that need to work the plan. Fewzion helps by making the management tools and system your team uses to run your operation every day, more effective and more sustainable. We take advantage of modern software to provide easy to use planning, recording and reporting tools that your spreadsheets, whiteboards and traditional ERP tools can never match.
If your team is like others we’ve worked with they will find it easier to start using Fewzion than it is to continue using their current tools (and they will never want to go back). Because Fewzion can be used completely online and through the cloud you can avoid a whole lot of IT hurdles.
Fewzion also works in beautifully with systems such as Lean, Six Sigma, Management Operating Systems (MOS), Total Quality Management (TQM) and the Theory of Constraints to make business improvement teams’ and consultants’ lives easier.
Fewzion’s simplicity delivers the improved productivity and control you need to get results fast.

The following should help flesh out how Fewzion helps and works.
Animated overview
Short demonstration
Crew management system

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