What happens when you bring a gun to a knife fight?

There’s a great scene in Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom, Indiana is busy running around searching for his friend when the crowded market parts and an extremely skilled and well-dressed swordsman challenges Indiana to a sword fight. Indi shoots him with his gun and casually walks off to continue what he was doing.

Spreadsheet and whiteboard based frontline management systems are a bit like the swordsman, they are often impressive (some of the pivot tables, macros and red, yellow, greens are works of art made by extremely skilled practitioners). However, every now and then a new technology comes along and changes the game by being better, faster, cheaper and easier to use.

You can stoically persist with complicated and impressive sword play.

Or you can “bring a gun to a knife fight” shoot the spreadsheets and whiteboards and like Indi, take advantage of better technology so you can get on with running your business with an effective frontline planning and scheduling system…